Outsourced tax partner

Do you ever wish you had a tax specialist in your firm: an outsourced tax partner with an open door so you could have a quick chat about the tax implications of a client issue?

Do you struggle when your client needs tax advisory work such as planning and implementing an employee share scheme. Perhaps it’s accessing fundraising using SEIS or EIS or they want to discuss how a shareholder can leave the company.

Do you worry that clients will feel they have ‘outgrown’ your firm and leave if you can’t provide a full range of tax services?

The outsourced tax partner service is the perfect way to boost your competitive edge. By offering your clients full tax advisory services for a fraction of the cost of employing a tax partner, its a win-win. 

Partnering with Allegro means you can position yourself as a firm able to offer higher value to your clients. Therefore cementing your client relationships and offering advice that other firms of your size cannot.

Whether you need ad hoc tax advice to support you in working with your clients or full access to a tax partner who can attend your client meetings, we can help. 

Our outsourced tax partner packages

Enhance your firm’s tax advisory offering by investing in hours to suit your requirements.

We offer flexible packages for a range of business sizes, enough to suit your individual needs:

Pay Monthly

We can offer you support for as low as 2 hours per month up to 10 hours per month depending upon the needs of your firm and your client base.  

Support with adhoc tax queries and review of client files for tax opportunities are included as standard.

We also offer monthly training sessions and tax checklists for your team to utilise during their day to day work. 

Silver Package

The Silver Package goes even further, providing all the benefits of Bronze but with important add-ons. Queries are answered within 3 working days and there is written confirmation of the advice given.

We offer a review of your client correspondence before you send it and the opportunity to meet us at our monthly live ‘lunch and learn’.

Pay Annually

As with the pay monthly option, we also offer an annual subscription which may be more cost effective if you know you have the demand for tax support.

In addition to the lunch and learn training sessions, we will provide budget summary documents which can be white labelled for your clients. 

We will also offer a 10% reduction for any specific project work.

Further details can be found here – OTP 2023 – Update Sept 2023

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