There are many occasions when a business owner might need a valuation of their business. 

  • The award of shares to an employee
  • Shareholder disputes and exits
  • The valuation of shares for the sale to Employee Ownership Trusts
  • The repurchase of a company’s own shares
  • Group reconstructions
  • Investment valuation

In-house Expertise for Valuations

We can assist with each of these scenarios and we tailor our approach according to the situation and the reason for which the valuation is being prepared. Our approach always starts with understanding the business and what drives its value.

  • Who are the key people?
  • Can the business run without them?
  • How are they remunerated?
  • What are the key revenue streams?


Our approach is always specific to each company and its value drivers, strengths and distinguishing features.

We have a great deal of in-house expertise in this area, applying different valuation methods, depending on the type of company, to reach a reasonable and justifiable valuation range. We typically use a number of valuation methods for each client, therefore building in a check of reasonableness and enabling us to arrive at an acceptable valuation range.

Our valuation advice often goes hand in hand with our tax advice. For example, when implementing an EMI scheme we will undertake the share valuation as part of our work.

We use a variety of methods of valuation, with the most appropriate depending on the type of business. Start-ups and loss-making businesses are valued in a very different way to long-term profitable companies, and the sector in which your business operates also has an impact.

Our pricing depends on the type, size and complexity of your business. We work on a fixed fee basis and once we have learned about your business and requirements, you will receive a fixed fee quote.

This will depend on their experience and expertise in the field of valuations, as well as their tax expertise.

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